poster design submission form 

The following submission form is required completed in full, in English, with each design. Artwork submission without appropriate, completed form will not be considered for the contest. 

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I agree to give permission to the "Chuck Fest Foundation" to use the poster I submitted to be printed in order to appear in 2018 Chuck Fest exhibitions, online or in print for any form of marketing for Chuck Fest, to be printed and sold in order to raise money for the Fest's costs or to raise funds for "Chuck Fest Foundation".
I confirm that I am the sole creator of the design and that I grant Chuck Fest and the Chuck Fest Foundation a worldwide, nonexclusive license (i.e. I retain the copyright) to publish the work, without charge, with permission to use the work in electronic formats, to be featured in magazines and/or other publications used to promote Chuck Fest and the Chuck Fest Foundation.
I promise that (a) no claims, litigation, or other proceedings have been asserted and/or brought, and no claims, litigations or proceedings are pending or threatening to the work; (b) the work is original to me; (c) the reproduction of the work will not infringe on the rights of others; (d) I will pay any costs or damages that the "Chuck Fest Foundation" might incur as a result of my breach of this clause.
Artists/designers will retain all rights to their original poster art. The Chuck Fest Foundation shall have irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use, copy, exhibit, publicly display, print, print for sale, and distribute any submitted entry for any activity, reproduction and/or distribution to third parties that are associated with/or sponsored activities.
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Date Agreement was agreed upon & signed.