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Thank you for your consideration in sponsoring Chuck Fest 2019.

What sponsorship means to Chuck Fest: Chuck Fest offers FREE admission for thousands of residents & visitors of Lake Charles and the surrounding area. Without your support, Chuck Fest couldn't happen. Because of your involvement and commitment, dozens of artists, vendors, and musicians have the opportunity to showcase their work, further promoting the talents cultivated in our amazing state. Sponsoring Chuck Fest allows the Chuck Fest Foundation to enrich our community through providing instruction facilities and public, experienced speakers to lead development and training; providing local artists the business tools they need to understand the business of visual, musical, and other arts; providing students and those whom struggle with unemployment the opportunity to grow in and/or learn the service industry; and providing artists, students, and others the opportunity to apply their skills.

What sponsorship gets you & your business:  Chuck Fest is family-friendly and offers your business exposure on a variety of levels to a crowd of locally-minded folks interested in promoting and supporting the growth and culture of Louisiana and it's businesses. With several tiers of sponsorship to choose from, your business has the potential to reach tens of thousands of potential customers/clients/employees/etc... making this the IDEAL platform for you and your business. Be a part of something wonderful... Be a part of something great... Be a part of something fun for everyone... Be a part of Chuck Fest!!


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