This is the stuff that you already know, but I'm telling you again anyway. #toughlove



  • What are the festival hours? Music will begin at noon and end in the indoor venues at 2am. Food and merchant will be up and running from noon-10pm on Saturday, October 19th, 2019.

  • Is the event family- friendly? Yes, but must be 21+ to purchase alcohol.

  • Are pets allowed? No, for the comfort and safety of everyone attending.

  • Can I bring my own alcohol/ice chest? No, this is a fundraising event, and free to enter, so all sales benefit local business and the non-profit.

  • Is it free? Yes, to enter the festival. Food & beverages are available for purchase.

  • Where should I park? There are so many options: 1) southeast corner of Ryan and Broad, 2) northeast corner of Division and Bilbo, 3) southeast corner of Bilbo and Broad, 4) parking on Bilbo between Broad and Division



  • When is the deadline to submit my application? August 31st is the last day to submit vendor applications. A late fee of $20 will be added to accepted vendors applying after August 31, 2019. You will be notified no later than September 10th whether your application was accepted or not.

  • Do I need to provide my own electricity? Food vendors must provide their own power. No power is available for other vendors.

  • Are chairs/tables provided? No, we provide the vendor tents. Picnic tables & tent are provided in Food Court for guests.

  • Do I get to choose my parking/set-up space? No, Chuck Fest coordinators will provide a lay-out/map after your application has been accepted but prior to the event.

  • Are vendors allowed to sell beverages? No beverages of any kind should be sold from vendors. This event thrives off of donating profits of beverage sales to the non-profit organization.

  • At what time on the day of event is set-up? Set-up may begin as early as 8am.





700 Block of Ryan Street
300 Block of Broad Street
Lake Charles, LA